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World of Washi
Spring 2009 Vol. 15, Issue No. 2

Message from the Editors and HPI News

New Items Available at HPI!

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Tengucho and the Hamada Family
by Tsuyoshi Ageta

The Economy and Washi
by Sugihara Yoshinao

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Staff Introduction

Conferences 2009

Upcoming Workshop
Origami Event


Welcome to Hiromi Paper’s first digital-only newsletter! In this summer edition of World of Washi, you will find many new products, our origami workshop, a staff re-introduction, and more!


*New styles for the Indian Embroidered Paper series
*Masa Soft White Rolls

Unfortunately, due to vendor price increases we will have to increase the price of our Cave Paper & Noribake.


MMN-105 Torinoko in Different Sizes!

Now available for special orders are larger sizes of MMN-105 Torinoko White and MMN-105 Torinoko Natural sheets.

*For Special Order: (Contact us for details)

61” x 73”
30 sheet minimum
$16.00 per sheet

75” x 92.5”
20 sheet minimum
$32.00 per sheet

75” x 108”
20 sheet minimum

Shigokibake and Stencil Brush 5bu

From her Japan/Korea trip this spring, Hiromi visited Nishimura Yahei in Kyoto and brought back a new stencil brush size and paste brush! The stencil brush was actually very popular at AIC 2009 in LA this year and was sold out, we expect more in stock shortly!

Shigokobake $145.00
Dimensions: 5.5” wide, 1/2” thick
Bristle Length: 5/8”,
Water badger bristles are short, glossy, and flexible, used to wipe out the excess paste by moving the brush from the center of the sheet to the outer edge.

Stencil Brush 5bu $28.00
Water badger hair, 5/8”, handmade, great as woodblock printing tools, joining sections, and pounding.


New sizes available for our Mohachi series: (2 square sizes and a lettersize, will be added online shortly)
8.5”x 8.5” 8.5”x 11” 22”x 22”

Masa Soft White

Our HP-69 Masa now also comes in a softer white!

Sheets: 21”x 31” 70 g/m2
$1.05(1-49) $0.89(50-99) $0.71(100+)

Rolls: coming soon!


Also from her Japan/Korea trip, Hiromi was able to find out more about Korean paper and also brought back some styles! (Details subject to change, will be online shortly)

JJ-005 Korean Kozo Amber Large 36”x 41” $100.00
JJ-403 Korean Kozo Scroll Large 14.5”x 23” $14.40

JJ-601 Korean Kozo Natural 25”x 38” $18.20

JJ-603 Korean Kozo Natural 25”x 38” $15.50

JJ-702/703 Decorative Black/White 17”x 25” $10.00

JJ-708 Decorative 18x 24.5” $10.00

Dyed Cards - Handmade, 100% Korean Kozo (limited time)
JJ-501 3”x 2” 20 card pack $7.50 100 card pack $30.00
JJ-502 21/4”x 2” 20 card pack $5.00 100 card pack $20.00

Dekar/Denak Bhutan Sheets

4”x 6” postcard size, thick, deckle edge paper available in two colors: Denak Jute ($1.20) and Dekar Natural ($1.00).

6”x 8.5” Dekar Natural A5 ($1.60), same thickness and color as the Dekar natural postcards.

9”x 12” Dekar Natural Thin ($1.20), Dekar Natural Medium ($2.00), Denak Jute ($2.00)

Thai Paper

Mixed Kozo machinemade in Thailand, with 2 deckle edges. Uses for decorateve, bookarts, collage, matting, rubber stamp, lampshade, packaging, and more!

Thai Rice Straw 50 g/m2 25”x 37” $5.00
Thai Bamboo Leaf 40 g/m2 25”x 37” $5.00

Text Libris

In addition to the Text Libris colors we carry regularly in stock, rolls of additional colors can also be ordered! Complete set is displayed in our store under the bookbinding section, or contact us for more details! Minimum quantity for non-stocked items is 1 roll (=10 meters). This bookcloth is made in France and is 100% biodegradable and free of heavy metal.

Magical Secrets About Chine Collé:
Pasting, Printing, Mounting, and Leafing

by Brian Shure. DVD included. $55.00

Rebound: Creating Handmade Books From Recycled and Repurposed Materials
by Jeannine Stein. $24.99

Jeanine Stein lives in Los Angeles and is a writer with the L.A. Times. She was inspired to write the book after experimenting with non-traditional, recycled materials to make books and seeing the amazing work being done by artists and designers using recycled materials in incredibly creative ways. The gallery portion of the book features the works of many other local artists, such as Judi Delgado, Susan Reardon, Holly Dye, Norman Dixon, Marcia Moore, Elaine Nishizu, Charlene Matthews and Richard Troncone.

“Each project features a different binding, and none are that complicated. I hope the book inspires others to take a look at what is right in front of them and create something wonderful.” -Jeannine Stein

Plantable Cards

Card Size: 4.25”x 6.5”
Envelope Size: 5.25”x 7.25”

Plant the cards in soil, water regularly, and watch them grow! With various seeds and petals in the fibers of the cards. Each card comes with an envelope and a black insert sheet.

1 card... $2.50 Pack of 10 cards... $20.00

Kamifusen Balloon

New additions to our Kamifusen balloon series, just in time for summer

Lady bug 2 per pack, w/envelope & card $7.00
Fireworks 3 per pack $7.00
Cat 1 per pack $7.00
Globe 1 per pack, w/envelope & card $3.80
Demon 1 per pack, w/ envelope & card $6.00

Italian Paper Series

Chicago and Europe Maps have been
discontinued, with a new Europe map
(Italian #18)


From Sekishu Kubota in Shimane Prefecture, Japan, comes Sekishu Tsuru washi coated on one side with a heat activated film of EVA.

Size: approx. 20”x28” Price: $22.00

Sekishu Tsuru: made of 100% Japanese Kozo, pH 7.0
Handmade by Akira Kubota

EVA film: made of Ethylene vinyl acetate; the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate.It is a polymer that approaches elastomeric materials in softness and flexibility, yet can be processed like other thermoplastics. The material has good clarity and gloss, barrier properties, low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot-melt adhesive water proof properties, and resistance to UV radiation. EVA has little or no odor and is competitive with rubber and vinyl products in many electrical applications.

By simply peeling and ironing the Sekishu Tsuru in on paper, books, even fabrics and more, the EVA lamination melts into an even adhesive on any type of paper.



Tengucho is described as the wings of the May Fly and some of the world’s thinnest paper. The sharp, intense papermaking style for the Tengucho creates a presentation of dancing water. With washi’s greatest features, the raw materials of bast fibers is used with neri in the papermaking process. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Tengucho, with such extreme features for paper, is the representative for washi. In the 1880’s, with Kochi prefecture’s quality Kozo, there was a huge development for the Tengucho. And with the typing stencil paper for typewriters recognized in Europe and America, the result was Kochi prefecture overwhelmingly becoming Japan’s number one washi producer. However, even with 200 households making Tengucho in the golden age, by 1970’s, Hamada Sajio became Japan’s sole maker.

For the Hamada family, Sajio was acknowledged as a living national treasure in recognition of his Tengucho making skill. For many years, his wife, Setsuko, supported him by taking daily labor, peddling, and such in times when the paper was not selling. Now, she is occupied in drying the paper. Also in the Hamada family, the married Mie performs dyeing treatments in the efforts to bring new developments of the Tengucho. Last year, she attended Hiromi Paper’s 20th anniversary party, so some of you may have been acquainted with this charming lady. Three years ago, Mie’s two sons, Hironao and Osamu came to tour America in assistance to Hiromi Paper(and through the Japan Foundation Los Angeles) in order to demonstrate washi papermaking. Such an experience gave the two sons courage, self-confidence, a global spirit, and an immeasurable sense of purpose. Now, as the successor of his grandfather Sajio, Hironao is Japan’s sole Tengucho maker. The younger son, Osamu, is challenged with cultural mending, woodblock printing, and various other fine art paper. We believe that these two will carry on not only Tosa washi, but the washi industry in Japan.

Tsuyoshi Ageta
Kochi Washi Coop

Sajio Hamada making Tengucho

Tengucho by the Hamada family available at HPI:

HM-1 Tengucho 21”x 31” 11g/m2
$11.49(1-9) $9.77(10-49) $8.80(50-99) $8.00 (100+)

KH-83 Tengucho Black 21”x 31” 11g/m2
$5.41(1-9) $4.62(10-49) $4.15(50-99) $3.52(100+)


With the shock of the present worsening conditions of the economy on top of the washi industry itself, feelings of resignation spread as we ask ourselves ‘what can we do?’ If such conditions continue, it will become a rather difficult situation. A breakthrough solution will not be found so immediately. We are proposing some stationery and interior type washi, but it is not something we can immediately collect proceeds from and therefore would be hard to get support from the companies. How much longer can the producing areas hold up? Amidst all of this, we hoped the large size washi for Hiromi Paper would help the recovery, but we are yet to see the results. But, even when saying this, we are at the state where we must continue the family business with a sense of duty and a fighting spirit. This situation cannot continue forever, and with optimism, we will do all that it takes. Our collaboration with Hiromi Paper is very necessary, and we kindly ask for your help. I write with a dream of visiting Santa Monica again..

Sugihara Washi Kobo

Sugihara Washi Kobo paper available at HPI include
Mohachi, Suminagashi, Iwano large size, and Asuka Inkjet.


HPI Note:
We have had some staff changes in 2009 at HPI, so below you will find a quick introduction to some of the people you’ll see in the store, talk to through email or phone, who put together your orders or made your sample books! (It could even be the same person doing all those things for you!)

Frank - Joined May 2007
*Favorite HPI item: DHM-11 79”x79” because its large and thick, good for almost anything!
*Likes cars!!!!, music, Lakers, playing sports, and volunteering on his days off.

Sachi - Joined HPI August, 2008
*Favorite HPI item: Surface Gampi White after seeing the magnicificent etchings made on them.
*Likes to walk/drive/eat at the beach, play violin & bass guitar

Yona - Joined HPI September 2008
*Favorite HPI item: Nara Natural Dye because they are so beautiful and Japanese!
*Likes nature, animals, media, Japanese language & food, wants to travel more!

Jerry - Joined HPI March 2009
*Favorite HPI item: Torinoko White because it was the first HPI paper he has personally worked on. Found that the Torinoko takes Acrylics well even without primer.
*Art student, interested in art of any form. Likes music and dancing.

Joanna - Joined HPI May 2009
*Favorite HPI item: Thai Pulp Ringlet (Green & Yellow) and the colorful Unryu paper because they are so pretty that it was love at first sight! Very good for decorations.
*Likes frozen yogurt, music, television, Apple/Mac, Tokidoki, shopping, cell phones. Currently a first year college student still figuring out what to do in life.

Kimmy - Joined HPI June 2009
*Favorite HPI item: Paris map, you can take it on your trip, or even just hang it on a wall and fantasize about the wonderful places!
*Likes luxurious bubble baths, taking long walks on the beach, and like any girl her age..shopping!


Upcoming Conferences


International Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking Conference
Product Fair

Location : Bower Ashton Campus, Bristol UK
Date: September 18-19
Website: www.impact.uwe.ac.uk

Guild of Bookworkers - 28th Seminar on Standards of Excellence
Vendor Room

Location: Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco
Date: October 29-31
Website: www.guildofbookworkers.org



Date: Sunday, July 19, 2009
Time: 1 - 3 pm
Location: Hiromi Paper, Inc.
2525 Michigan Ave. G9
Bergamot Station
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Learn and fold your own origami paper cranes with us in our store!
Paper and instructions will be provided.
Cranes will be donated to the Guild of Book Workers for their
Standards of Excellence Seminar October, 2009.

RSVP for priority seating by email, phone, or in-store!