World of Washi Newsletter

The World of Washi Newsletter was created as an educational and informative tool for paper enthusiasts and Hiromi Paper supporters. By mixing in articles from Japan and around the world along with current news and upcoming events, World of Washi continues to be an interactive space for communication between Hiromi Paper and our fans. Don't forget to check out the below archives for past articles!

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2016 Editions

July 2016: Gathering of Young Generation Papermakers
@ Sugihara-gami

March 2016: Artist Feature: Sal Taylor Kydd

March 2016: Keiji Oki of Mohachi Paper in Fukui Prefecture

February 2016: Introduction to Hiroko Karuno, paper spinner

2015 Editions

December 2015: Rembrandt and Gampi II by Bruce Meade

November 2015: German Papermaker, Gangolf Ulbricht Feature

May 2015: Two Countries article by Satoshi Hasegawa


2014 Editions

October 2014: Yukyu-shi Feature, Cultivating kozo fields

August 2014: Artist Feature: JJ L'Heureux


World of Washi Archives: 1995 - 2013

Winter 2008: Toro-aoi and its use in Japanese Papermaking

Fall 2008: Papermaking in the Rainy Season

Fall 2008: Gampi Papers from Shikoku Wagami

Spring 2007: Gregory Colbert's Ashes and Snow in Tokyo

Spring 2007: Chine-collé Techniques by Yuji Hiratsuka

Summer 2006: Interview on Fish Printing

Summer 2006: Gyotaku: The Process of Fish Printing

Fall 2005: Printing on Hosho Papers

Summer 2003: Rembrandt and Gampi by Bruce Meade

Spring 2003: Model Airplanes & Japanese Papers

Winter 2002: Artists and Printers on their Favorite Washi

Summer 2002: Journey to Bhutan

Winter 2002: Making Paper Kites by Scott Skinner

Spring 2002: About Kakishibu by Lori Goodman

Fall 1995: Papermaking Equipment and Process

Spring 1995: Preparation for Japanese Papermaking

January 1995: Papermaking Materials